Pollard English Student Handbook

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Pollard English Student Handbook

Pollard English Student Handbook V0.1 December 2019

Before filling in the application forms, students are advised to read through the pre-enrolment information of Pollard English carefully. The pre-enrolment information includes the following items:

    1 Introduction

    2 Mission Statement

    3 Essential Contact Details

    4 List of Abbreviations

    5 Facilities

    6 Living in Sydney

    7 Living in Brisbane

    8 Information for Students

    9 List of Programs

    10 Assessment

    11 Timetable

    12 Student Services

    13 Application Process

    14 Fees and Charges

    15 Other Fees and Charges

    16 Refund Policy and Procedure Policy

    17 Complaint and Appeal Policy and Procedure

    18 External Complaint and Appeal

    19 Certificate Issue Policy and Procedure

    20 Academic Progress Policy and Procedure

    21 Student rights, rules, responsibilities and conduct

    22 Additional Responsibilities for International Students

    23 Discipline and Student Dismissal

    24 Student Transfer Policy and Procedure

    25 International Student Engagement Policy

    26 Formalisation of Enrolment Policy for International Students

    27 Defer, suspend, cancellation application process

    28 Unique Student Identifier (USI) Policy and Procedure

    29 Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policy and Procedure

    30 Completion within the Expected Duration of Study (International Students)

    31 Critical Incident Policy and Procedure

    32 Student Handbook Acknowledgement Form

    Please download this document for further details click here

    Pollard English Student Handbook V2.0 Sep 2020

Level 5 / 841 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000 - Near Central Railway Station
Level 4, 344 Queen St, Brisbane, QLD 4000 - Near Central Railway Station

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